Be Healthy, Be Sexy like Gal Gadot with Vine Vera – The Arriviste

The Arriviste is a popular online blog started by Laura Median. It deals with all things to do with fashion, celebrities, beauty, cosmetics and lifestyle. Laura recently penned an article on The Arriviste which helped its readers understand how to be healthy and sexy like Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. This article tells you how to get the skin radiating benefits of Resveratrol, the red wine antioxidant without getting a hangover or a sugary bloat.


Laura talks about Gal’s interview with Yahoo! Voices, where she named Vine Vera as the secret behind her beautiful and flawless skin. The article further reveals Gal’s love for Vine Vera masks and serums and that she loves Vine Vera products because they’re not greasy and because they’re filled with vitamins and healthy oils.

This article says that for Gal Gadot, Vine Vera’s products really work and that’s the thing. Gal was sold on the inclusion of Resveratrol because it helps to leave her skin silky and glowing. Vine Vera hopes that our products make our customers look silky smooth and beautiful in the same way that they helped Gal. Vine Vera would also like to thank Laura for her article on The Arriviste.

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