Vine Vera Skincare Featured in Life & Style Weekly

The Life & Style Magazine, also known as Life & Style Weekly, is an American magazine that is owned by the Bauer Entertainment Group. This celebrity gossip magazine was launched in the year 2004 and it focuses on the latest Hollywood fashion and lifestyle trends, celebrity beauty and body trends. The magazine labels itself as a publication that helps readers to incorporate the celebrity lifestyle. What makes Life & Style Weekly so unique is that even though it has the makings of an entertainment magazine, it still manages to offer readers with excellent insights on clothing and lifestyle choices and up-to-date shopping opportunities.


Life & Style Weekly featured Vine Vera in its January 2014 issue and offered its readers with 25% off on Vine Vera products. The clipping described Vine Vera as “something to toast to” and it mentioned that Vine Vera is an anti-aging skin care line that uses Resveratrol to give you wrinkle-free skin.


Vine Vera is delighted to be featured in a major publication like the Life & Style Weekly and we hope that Life & Style Weekly readers find our products to work wonders on their skin. For a free demonstration of Vine Vera products, all you need to do is walk into the nearest Vine Vera Store.

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