The LA Fashion Magazine Introduces Vine Vera Skin Care

The LA Fashion Magazine is owned by Los Angeles Fashion, a B2B Services and eCommmerce conglomerate that is based out of LA. The LA Fashion Magazine is believed to be the quintessential fashion and lifestyle magazine for people living in the Greater Los Angeles Area. It features the latest trends in the fields of real estate, entertainment, beauty, skin care, travel, fashion and art. It also covers world fashion from time to time. The LA Fashion Magazine is particularly famous for its coverage of local artists, places, designers and trends and it manages to attract an affluent audience as well. The LA Fashion Magazine was launched in the year 2012 and it has emerged as a premier fashion and shopping publication in Southern California over the years.


The LA Fashion Magazine introduced Vine Vera Cosmetics to its readers and reviewed a number of Vine Vera products such as the Vine Vera Men’s Renewal Mask and the Vine Vera Men’s Body Butter. The author mentions that he saw noticeable effects within the first week of using the Vine Vera Men’s Renewal Mask because this product created an “attractive glow” and hydrated his skin far better than the lotion that he normally used. The author also liked the rich consistency offered by the Vine Vera Men’s Body Butter and found that his rough elbows began to soften within a few days of product use.

Vine Vera would like to thank the LA Fashion Magazine for featuring products from our Men’s Collection. Here at Vine Vera, we believe that men deserve luxury skin care solutions as well. Therefore, we have an entire collection that has been formulated to deal with the special needs of the male skin using as few products as possible.

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