Resident Magazine Features Our Vine Vera Chianti Collection

Resident Magazine is New York’s authority on lifestyle and luxury. Published monthly, Resident magazine offers its readers glamorous getaway destinations, most-wanted real estate locations, the hottest restaurants and the latest in lifestyle trends. With over 27 years of quality publishing, Resident is a trailblazer in providing fully integrated media. In the know New York City residents look to this prestigious publication for everything from arts and culture and fashion to real estate and wellness.

In a compilation article on the chicest Valentine’s Day gifts for women, author Hillary Latos lists the Vine Vera Chianti Collection as one of the top gifts for the woman in your life. This luxe list of gifts is filled with the ultimate luxury goods to truly pamper the woman in your life.

Our Vine Vera Chianti Collection is truly an ideal gift for woman. The use of resveratrol in our Chianti Collection helps to plump the look of your skin up by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Vine Vera is so thankful to be featured in a publication as important as Resident Magazine and that our Chianti Collection is near the top of this list of truly extravagant gifts.

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