InStyle: Exfoliating Acids to Get You Glowing

InStyle is a leading women’s fashion magazine that offers stylish women the inside track on up to the minute fashion ideas, results-driven beauty advice and a bit of celebrity lifestyle pieces. The magazine also focuses on charitable endeavors all across the globe. InStyle gives incredible product reviews, profiles on both leading designers and those names that you’ll want to know and practical fashion tips for every woman. Whether you want to check out the latest runway creations or the hippest denim or the absolute best products available from the skincare and cosmetic industries, InStyle is a trusted authority.

In the article, “From Glycolic to Salicylic: The Exfoliating Acids That’ll Get You Glowing,” author Lindsay Dolak consults with Jame Heskett, MD, founder of The Wellpath in New York City, to learn why acids are great exfoliators and which acids are the most beneficial to your skin. Dolak provides a list of acids including glycolic, hyaluronic, lactic and salicylic acids and discusses why each of these acids help give you healthy, radiant skin. When it comes to hyaluronic acid, Dolak explains that it is an acid that doesn’t work by resurfacing your skin, but by significantly increasing your skin’s hydration. Heskett confirms this saying, “[i]t’s a natural humectant with the ability to draw in and hold water. It [pulls] moisture into the skin, giving it a plumped up look.” Dr. Heskett lists the Vine Vera Resveratrol Malbec DNA Biology Mask as her absolute favorite for increasing moisture levels of the skin, giving it a smooth, plumped and healthy look.

Vine Vera is ecstatic that such an influential publication like InStyle featured one of our incredible products, and we sincerely hope that the readers of InStyle looking for radiant and hydrated skin are just as impressed by our Resveratrol Malbec DNA Biology Mask as Dr. Heskett. To learn more about the luxurious Vine Vera line, visit our website or your nearest Vine Vera store for a free demonstration.

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