Bisous Magazine Loves Vine Vera masks

The Bisous Magazine is a quarterly fashion magazine that offers its readers with the latest, coolest and most exciting trends to bring out that cool kid in them. The magazine likes to term itself as a coalition of a savvy group of peeps who work in the fashion industry as models, photographers, IT techs, beauty stylists, designers and creative stylists. The magazine is famous for being unique, nice, mean, heavily opinionated and a lot of fun.


The Bisous Magazine confessed its love for Vine Vera masks in an article that appeared in its Skin Issue. The magazine talks about the thrill of using Vine Vera masks. “All the while you’ll want to liquify all of VV’s masks and gulp gulp gulp!” Vine Vera Skincare offers its customers with seven different masks to choose from, with each mask targeting a different skin type and skin issue. This ensures that you can find a perfect Vine Vera mask for any type of skin issue, irrespective of your skin type.


Vine Vera would like to thank our friends at the Bisous Magazine for introducing Vine Vera masks to their readers and creating such excitement for our products among its readers.

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