Arizona Health & Living Magazine Introduces Vine Vera Sauvignon Blanc Chin Tightening Contour

The Arizona Health & Living Magazine is all about learning how to ensure that a happier lifestyle is actually healthier. The magazine entirely focuses its efforts on improving the health of its readers, one reader at a time. Arizona Health & Living is believed to be a destination which not only offers the latest lifestyle and health related news, but also offers resources which readers usually read about in their own locality. The magazine is all about ensuring that its readers make positive decisions that not only impact their own health, but also the health of the community around them.


The Arizona Health & Living Magazine featured the VineVera Sauvignon Blanc Chin Tightening Contour in its September 2013 North Edition. This article appeared on Page 56 of the magazine and it spoke about the wonders that the Vine Vera Sauvignon Blanc Chin Tightening Contour has to offer. The article mentions that this product from Vine Vera Skincare contains ingredients like Resveratrol which can improve the skin tone, protect the DNA from free radical damage, the skin from UV damage and bring about a tightening effect to the chin and the jaw line.


Vine Vera would like to thank the Arizona Health & Living Magazine for introducing the Sauvignon Blanc Line, an ideal collection for those looking for solutions to improve the appearance of their neck and chest area.

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