Emily Maric of Baily Lamb Is Impressed with Vine Vera Zinfandel Collection

Baily Lamb is the digital home of Emily Maric, a fashion blogger and social media influencer hailing from the Chicago area. She has a degree in fashion design, has worked as both a stylist and a Fashion Merchandiser, and has been passionate about fashion since she was knee-high; in third grade she learned to crochet and designed her own handbag for a school assignment, and from that point on she only grew more and more passionate and prolific about all things fashion. She uses her Baily Lamb blog to showcase her daily outfits, share bits of her life and various interests with her readers, and to inspire them to be fabulous and own their personal style.

Recently, Emily had a very positive experience with Vine Vera’s Zinfandel Collection. She detailed her somewhat recent discovery of Vine Vera and decision to give the company a try in a blog post, as well as her thoughts on the brand, and the Zinfandel Collection specifically.

She was quite excited by the presence of resveratrol in Vine Vera products, and detailed the compound, it’s theoretical uses and properties, and more in the blog post. As for the products themselves, she tried the Vine Vera Resveratrol Zinfandel Radiance Cream with SPF 30, the Resveratrol Zinfandel Correcting Serum, Zinfandel Resveratrol Pre-Mask, and the Zinfandel Resveratrol Petal-Peel System. The Zinfandel collection is especially useful brightening the look and feel of your skin with noticeable efficacy.

Emily was quite impressed with her results and especially liked the Zinfandel Radiance Cream and Zinfandel Correcting Serum, which all by themselves started helping even her skin with daily use, so that when she finally got around to trying out the other two products, they were a tasty icing on the cake.

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